rise, start, go!

by modernsextrash

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chYna 02:42
tied down, all alone to naked eyes. i recall the time it spoke, yea i recall the time it spoke. softly, but oh so loud inside my head: rip the wires out your chest they only kill what's real. broken, once again i'm torn in two. build the boat before the storm or run outside dance in the rain? stop wasting life upon the simple zeros and the ones. i'll program something special i'll re-write the code for god.
confession 05:06
i don't want you to make this, harder than it has to be this time. i don't want you to take this, farther than it has to go now. cause you..... yea you..... i don't want you to rape this, a simple answer would make it all right. because i don't want her to hate this, make her nervous and all demented. cause you..... yea you..... i just can't keep this to myself. this whole confession's coming out now. and you, remind..... if you, were mine....
thing 05:18
say it's over now, far from sober, say it's over. i've grown colder now, so much older, i've grown colder. and i watch the ones below. i know they've far to go. some think and some just know. because we ARE.
go fool me and let this out, i'm dispensable. douse this time in gasoline, spark this trance to flames. let it focus, gravitate.... misconception of this connection. misconception of our connection. what i fear and what is real seem to be the same. it goes, two for them and none for you, always been this way. curse the day i fucking met you. i knew you were to good to be true. run away and end up back here. i hate the fact i need you near. crawl away from here now, gotta find a way.


"rise, start, go!" is a collection of four songs that lay the foundation for the modernsextrash sound.


released April 20, 2009

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modernsextrash Brooklyn, New York

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